Travelogue #3: Ohio

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as I mentioned in my Wanderlust Wednesday surprise post, this travelogue will be about Ohio. I never really thought about going to Ohio, to be honest. Maybe that’s the reason why I was so surprised what this state, that you don’t really hear that much about, has to offer. As I mentioned, I didn’t even know that there was a National Park in Ohio.

I already told you about the Brandywine Falls in Cuyahoga ( spoken Ca-ja-hoega) National Park in the last post. But this sweet little NP has more to offer. You can discover the most important sights of the park in a day – like we did – or you can stay a weekend. What I would recommend having a look at – next to the Brandywine Falls – is the Ledges in Victoria Kendell Park. The Overlook is gorgeous and the Loop Trail is just about 1,75 mi.

What I would recommend having a look at – next to the Brandywine Falls – is the Ledges in Victoria Kendell Park. The Overlook is gorgeous and the Loop Trail is just about 1,75 mi.

But Ohio has even more to offer than Cuyahoga. We were staying in the North-East, near Akron, so we didn’t get to go south to Hocking Hills, which was the thing most recommended to us. But I did go to Berlin. “Berlin?”, you might ask. Yes, Berlin. It’s one of the small towns in Amish country and really interesting. Hubby and I went there because even in Germany you’ve heard about the Amish and I wanted to see those small towns for myself.

What I found most staggering though wasn’t even the Amish, but the landscape. I felt right at home in those lush green hills. It’s as if I was back in Germany. If you ever wanted to go to Germany and didn’t have the money or time, go to Ohio. Those vast green hills and beautiful forests look just like the  forests in Germany and the hills made me think of the Rhine-Main-Area.

Because of the weather we didn’t really get to go out to the recommended State Parks that much, but I put them in a list at the bottom for you.

As an art lover, I had to go to Cleveland and visit the Cleveland Museum of Art and it absolutely was worth it. Not only is the entrance free and the collections really great, but the building itself is worth  a visit. I loved the covered “yard” where you can just hang out, drink a cup of coffee or relax between visiting the different collections. If I were a student, that would probably my favorite place to be and do my school work ( I’m not much of a library person).

Despite the great Art Museum, our favorite site wasn’t even in Cleveland. While browsing some Pinterest boards I found the Ohio State Reformatory. Some of you might know it as the film set for Shawshank Redemption, others because it’s one of those haunted houses that everyone seems to love. The former prison is absolutely worth the drive. I love historical sights and was floored by the care that went into preserving this one. The prison has two cell blocks and an Administrative building with the wardens office etc. The Administrative building is the entrance for a ca. 1,5-2 hours tour. You can get audio tours at the desk, but we went in without them because we wanted to really get a feel for our surroundings. I would recommend starting at 11am sharp (opening hours are 11am-4pm) so you ditch the huge crowds.

After our trip to the Ohio State Reformatory and due to the bad weather we had, we decided to drive another hour out to North Market in Columbus. Somebody on Twitter recommended it to me, so we checked it out and weren’t disappointed. It’s a really cool place to browse all the different eateries and other small shops or to just hang out on the Gallerie. If you’re ever in Columbus it sure is something you should check out.

We didn’t have long in Ohio and hubby had to work so we weren’t as free to roam as we would have liked, but none the less it was a pretty cool trip, with lots to see and learn.

Parks in Ohio

Cuyahoga Valley National Park |

Hocking Hills State Park |

Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park |

Portage Lakes State Park |

West Branch State Park |

Wayne National Forest |

Salt Fork State Park |



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  1. Ohio, is a great place. Next time you are the hubby get more time to visit – the bar scene is great – the food is to die for. We have Jeni’s Ice cream – Amy’s Donuts – and Late Night Slice.

    Also – the pronunciation of Cuyahoga was off, to me at least.. its actually (cie-uh-ho-guh)

      1. If you like amusement/theme parks, there is Cedar Point. They also have a waterpark, and a water park hotel nearby. There are also two Lake Erie Islands (Put-in-Bay’s ferry leaves from nearby Port Clinton), and a few nice beaches.

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