Wanderlust Wednesday:Gospel od prizidnice,Croatia

Gospel Od Prizinice, Croatia, A Wanderlusters World

In the last few days, we’ve shared a few of our pictures from Croatia with you, which started a whole discussion about Croatia as a destination. I’ve only been there one time, but Jan has some great memories from his trips with his dad to Istria. Last year we went to Trogir, near Split and stayed with an AirBnB which was a great opportunity¬†for us, to get to know the locals. But still, I must say: Croatia isn’t for me.

Please let me explain. I loved the coastline and the scenery, the food and the water. But huge crowds of tourists, that behave like they are in a Zoo, just aren’t my thing. I had enough of it after 2 long days – ditching stupid tourists on the streets – when our host recommended an awesome place nearly nobody knows about. When you drive through Trogir onto the island behind the city, you’ll find lesser and lesser tourists.

The little gem I want to recommend to you today is on this island and you have to search for it a bit. You have to drive till the very end of the island and up a small road until you get to a small parking lot. Behind this parking lot, you’ll find a short hiking trail to the Gospel od Prizidnice. A small chapel just over the cliffs with amazing views and a known wedding spot for the locals. Some women keep the chapel in shape and welcome visitors (beware: most don’t speak English). It’s the perfect spot to calm down, relax and enjoy a beautiful view of the coast and Islands of Dalmatia.

Next to some other really beautiful spots our host recommend to us, this absolutely saved my Croatia experience. So if you’re near Trogir and you’re fed up with all the tourists, I recommend taking this short trip. And as a bonus: the drive to the chapel is gorgeous! You’ll see small fishing villages and even a shipwreck on the coast.

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