5 Things To Remember When You Love A Traveler

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To love a traveler is never boring

There are nearly as many types of people as there are people. Wanderlusters or travellers are just a teeny tiny fraction of that, but even though we are few, compared to the rest of the world, we are peculiar. Travel teaches us tolerance, kindness and an understanding of the world that maybe others don’t get. But it also makes us restless, always thirsty for more and sometimes hard to deal with for someone that searches for stability. To understand us and to love us you have to be aware of some simple facts, that we can’t change because they are just as ingrained in the matter of who we are, as is our DNA. So to help you out, here are 5 things to remember when you love a Traveler:


  • We are travelers, not tourists

Know those groups of sunburned, half naked people that hang out at the beach the whole day? The people that reserve their places at the pool with a towel at 6am? Those people that search for a McDonalds on a Caribbean Island? The people that can’t be bothered to take off their shoes in a mosque, or put on a T-shirt and some knee-length shorts, in a church? The groups that block whole streets just to take a photo of this and that? You probably get the direction I’m going with this. We are not them. We are the ones that want to see as much as we can while in a new place. The ones that want to taste the local food. We’re the ones that want to immerse ourselves into a new culture and get to know the locals and their customs.


  • We are the most organized slobs you’ll ever meet

We are masters at organizing our flight schedules with our hotels/hostels/AirBnb’s and so on, while simultaneously searching for the best place to eat at night and writing with this other traveler that is in the same area to meet up. We are pros with maps (public transport or others) and could probably give you 10 tips for every destination we’ve been on the spot. We know what you can and can’t pack in your carry-on/suitcase like the next security guy. But you’ll soon realize that despite all the traveling we’re still the worst packers, still get lost in a place or two and forget something. Out suitcases and backpacks still lay on the floor even after more than a week at home and don’t even get me started on our laundry after traveling or our desks before a trip. Maybe we just have our priorities straight ;).


  • We are dreamers at heart

Swimming in every ocean. Setting foot on every continent. Living in at least five different countries before we die. Learning a hand full of languages or a hand full of words in every language. You get what I mean. We dream. And when we dream, we dream big. The world to us seems somehow very small and unimaginable big at the same time. We want to experience everything there is and want to see as much as we possibly can. Sometimes it can get overwhelming for someone who can’t picture the world the same way we can, and sometimes we can get frustrated with people that don’t have as much an imagination as we have. Let’s try and meet in the middle.


  • There is nothing more depressing for us than routine

Paulo Coelho perfectly understood when he said: “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal.” Routine kills dreams and as we established before, we are dreamers. We need new impressions, ideas, and surroundings. That doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate little breathers between all the adventures and exploring we try to do; but routine depresses us, especially if we don’t know when we’ll be able to break through it again.


  • We are a million different people in one

While we travel we try to immerse ourselves into the cultures we encounter. We want to learn a little of the language, we want to learn how to cook this typical dish, we listen to the stories locals have to tell. When you try to take part so intensely, you can’t help put leave a part of yourself behind. The places we visit and the people we encounter shape us like nothing else ever will, but that also means we are a little different everytime we come home. We’re not inconsistent or pliable, we grow. Maybe you’ve heard that little saying “Nothing is constant but change”. Well, that’s us.


Now you know what you’re getting yourself into

Those are just a few of the little quirks that make us what we are. I would love to hear what you encountered while living with, loving or even beeing a traveler yourself. Let me know all about it in the comments below.

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