Picture Archive #2: New Pictures!

Hey guys, I hope you all have a great Sunday! As I already told you I’ll be building a kind of picture archive on this blog. You’ll find the pics organized by country, state or city (depending on where we went and what we saw). I started with the first three pages and will be updating them regularly in the coming weeks and months. I won’t overwhelm you guys with all our pictures. We’ll post those where we think they show a place best and give you an overall look at it. I hope you’ll enjoy the pics and would be […]

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Krka National Park, Croatia

Krka National Park, Croatia, Europe, A Wanderlusters World

Hello dear fellow travellers, it’s Wednesday again and that means another travel tip for you. If you follow us on Instagram (which you should 😉 and can here ) you’ve probably already noted my posts about Croatia the last few days. Today I want to recommend you the Krka National Park which gets his name from the Krka river that flows right through it. You can find it in Dalamtia, near Sibenik and have a look at one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe. Even though I am not a fan of huge crowds in a natural environment or park, I […]

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Travelogue #4: West Virginia

Vest Virginia, USA, A Wanderlusters World

Hello fellow travelers, it’s time for a new travelogue. Two weeks ago hubby and I went on a business trip to Buffalo, West Virginia. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t sweat. There isn’t really much to it. But the surrounding region is worth a little peak and some words 🙂 The first thing I noticed stepping out of the car was the humidity. It was like running into a wall. Hubby and I are from a region in Germany that can get pretty humid and the air in summer feels pretty dense, but not like in West Virginia. The second […]

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Lahore Tikka House, Toronto

Lahore Tikka House, Toronto, Canada, A Wanderlusters World

Hello fellow travelers and foodies, it’s Wednesday! So it’s time for another travel tip of mine. If you’ve read some of my blog posts or followed my Instagram you’ve probably already guessed that we love to eat 😉 normally we’re always searching for some local cuisine but in Toronto, we found something even better. While hungrily strolling through little India, a small part of the city just north of Leslieville (I’ll write more about it in the travelogue), we came by the Lahore Tikka House. The smells lured us inside and we weren’t disappointed. The menu is not as elaborate as […]

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Travelogue #3: Ohio

Hey guys, as I mentioned in my Wanderlust Wednesday surprise post, this travelogue will be about Ohio. I never really thought about going to Ohio, to be honest. Maybe that’s the reason why I was so surprised what this state, that you don’t really hear that much about, has to offer. As I mentioned, I didn’t even know that there was a National Park in Ohio. I already told you about the Brandywine Falls in Cuyahoga ( spoken Ca-ja-hoega) National Park in the last post. But this sweet little NP has more to offer. You can discover the most important […]

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Wanderlust Wednesday Suprise!

Hey guys, sorry for being MIA the last week. But I have a pretty good reason for it 😉 I’ve been working on my photo archive and am preparing to take in online on this blog. It’s a load of work, to browse through thousands and thousands of pictures from all our travels, but I finally got a good grip on at least a few destinations and will be putting them out there for you all to see by the end of the week. I’ll start with a few destinations and add more and more along the way. You’ll be able […]

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Café Duddel,Cologne,Germany

Hey guys, it’s Wednesday again! I’ve been watching a lot of Friends reruns the last few weeks and always had to smile to myself when they, again and again, sat down on the Couch in Central Perk. The reason for this are memories from my hometown and the cafĂ© I and my friends always hang out. CafĂ© Duddel is located in south-central Cologne, it is a small cozily cluttered CafĂ© with great Coffee and Chai and cold beer in the evenings. It’s been years that I’ve been there but I always loved to go. Especially on Tuesday nights when they […]

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Brandywine Falls, Ohio

Hey folks, we were in Ohio last week and brought with us some really cool and unexpected new tips for you. I didn’t really knew anything about Ohio before our trip, so we were surprised by the amount of things to do, this often overlooked state has to offer. This week I want to share one of those gems with you, Brandywine falls. More will follow in the next travelogue. Brandywine Falls in Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a beautiful place, but even better is the trail leading to it. I didn’t even know that Ohio had a National Park, and such a beautiful […]

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How to find the best or cheap flights

How to find the best or cheapest flights, A Wanderlusters World

  Hello fellow travelers, recently I’ve often been asked how we afford to travel so much. That’s why I decided to give you a little insight on how to save money while searching for cheap flights. There are a lot of posts on that topic and I’ve read a lot of them. While reading I’ve discovered that many of them just center on US travel and some have tips that I tried and found them less than helpful. So here I am writing my own version of how to find the cheapest flight and why sometimes the cheapest isn’t the […]

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